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2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships

Last week we travelled to the NSW High Performance Weightlifting Centre to compete in the 2017 NSW Weightlifting State Championships. This is one of the big weightlifting events for NSW. With so many lifters putting it all on the line for their last shot to qualify for nationals there was an awesome show.

We saw the highs and lows of athletes making their nationals dreams and others missing out. We witnessed great battles on the platform. Clubs fought for a chance to take home the team shields and athletes challenged each other for the title of State Champion.

RAW Barbell Club came out with only a few goals in mind. From our team we had four lifters compete, Rhe, Kush, Bo and Jack. Yannick from Shred Barbell also competed with us. This was Rhe’s first official weightlifting competition. Pretty cool to see her finally step onto the big stage! For Kush this was a practice comp in the lead up to the National’s. Bo dropped from the U77kg class to the 69kg class and Jack and Yannick tried there hand at hitting the totals they need for a national qualification.

Powerlifting State Champs

On Sunday our resident Powerlifter Coral returned to the platform to show us all up skwaaaatting, benchin and deadlifting like a boss. With a PR Competition total over a comp that took almost a whole day. we are insanely proud. (especially with her deadlift) 🙂

Can Jack Qualify for Nationals?

Last year Jack missed out on getting to nationals by unfortunately bombing out in his 2016 State Champs appearance. This year we were back with a vengeance. We needed a 248kg total to qualify and decided to change tact and play it conservative in the snatch. Try nail all three snatches and then go for what ever clean and jerk we needed on our second or third attempt (hoping it wasn’t too high). So does he do it? and what about Yannick? He’s also in the mix.. Can he make it? You’ll have to watch the video…

Want to watch the team compete?

You can watch the full full video including my crappy commentary below:

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