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Head Strongman Coach

Luke Reynolds is a Professional Strongman athlete, coach and qualified personal trainer.

He has over 13 years experience in strength sports as an athlete in Strongman, Powerlifting and Highland games. Having competed internationally in 20+ countries at the highest professional level he is known colloquially as the ‘Blue Mountain’. Luke has faced down competition over 100 times and holds several state and national records in strongman and heavy events.

As a coach, Luke maintains a stable of successful strength competitors, both male and female, whom he coaches for contest preparation, maintenance and injury rehab.

Other sporting pursuits throughout his life include 10 years of rugby league, 2 years of MMA and a lifetime on dirtbikes.

A lifetime of beating his body around in such high impact sports means Luke has endured a laundry list of injuries, surgeries and rehabilitation and is uniquely placed to understand pain, frustration and the discipline, toughness and mental strength required to return to competition, no matter the severity of the set back.



Raw Barbell Club

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Coaching Timetable

Coached Open Gym

Monday - Thursday | 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Strongman Friday | 4:30 - 6:30pm

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