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Jumping Forwards

Jumping Forwards: Snatch | Weightlifting

Jumping Forwards: Snatch | Weightlifting – Pretty much everyone in the world of weightlifting can agree that jumping forward in the snatch or clean and jerk is a bad habit to get into. It generally means there is either some breakdown or flaw in the lifters technique, or that there is some misfiring in the final stages of the pull.

This is something we try to curb early on in a weightlifter journey even if it sends the lifter backwards at the start. You may be able to increase and PR your lifts for a long time jumping forwards, but eventually not training correctly will bite you in the butt.

A few weeks back I happened to get the perfect shot of one of our lifters Carlene, actually making a PR Snatch attempt at 48kg. This was a massive personal best and we were all very happy for her. What was great though is that when we both looked at the footage, we could clearly see a breakdown in technique and misfiring that actually makes the lift more difficult for her to save.

I decided to break the lift down to help you guys understand what I see and what I’d like to see happen in the future. Carlene and I are now trying to break this bad habit with renewed vigor. Hopefully we’ll see the dividends of this in the coming months.

Check out our breakdown of the lift below:

Hope that helps. If you have any questions or want me to talk about something else hit us up on the social or comment below!

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