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RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 9

A Story of Eating, Digesting and Growing into Weightlifting Life

With Rheannon Williams

People often ‘fall’ into weightlifting. There is no real youth program in Australia, so you either just happen across it or are very lucky to come into contact with it at some point in your life (usually earlier the better). Rheannon (Rhe) has been a member of RAW Barbell Club from the start. but before us and before Weightlifting, there was this thing called CrossFit. And before that? There was a lot.

Rhe recently wrote a blog post (which comes out tomorrow) how she transitioned into the sport of weightlifting. She dropped the veil and really opened up about some things not many people know about her. Her troubled relationship with food being a big one.

I asked her if she would be willing to talk about her blog post, her background and her history on the podcast. She said yes, and I think you guys will love her even more after hearing it.

I’m not a doctor, or health professional, but if you do suffer with anything please talk to someone. It does help.