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Rhe Joining Staff

Hey Sandbags!

Andy here, for the last few weeks Rhe, has been slowly taking on more and more responsibility at both RAW Barbell Club and Kush’ physiotherapy practice Anatomy of Training. So much so that we just had to offer her a job. She has been with us from the start, like even when Kush was still living in Armidale. So for us it seems like just taking the next step in her evolution within the RAW Barbell Club family. I have no idea where this will lead her or us but, I’m thinking her experience is worth documenting.

So welcome to Rhe’s very own personal blog. I’ll let her tell you more about what she wants to talk about. but for future reference, you can find it by searching for Rhes thoughts anywhere on the website. (I’m sure these will be on our Facebook page as well.

Anyway, I just want to say to Rhe, Welcome to the team! I look forward to working with you 😀



P.S. It’s important to add that a major part of what she’s started doing with RAW Barbell Club is helping out with our social media. that means it’s not always me (Andy) when we post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter it could be also be Rhe or Kush. Whats good is that if you haven’t noticed we are now able to post more and more of the stuff you love!

Rhe Joining the RAW Barbell Club Staffing Team

An Intro to My Experiences in

  Joining the RAW Barbell Family

by Rhenanion D’artagnon

In September 2015 I, Rheannon (Rhe), was both surprised and excited to be asked to join Andy in his new project, RAW Barbell Club. Who knew one and a half years later I’d be joining the staff! From the get-go it was a training facility with some foundation members who found happiness, social and physical satisfaction, awesome levels of DOMS from lifting anything we could get our hands on, and resting as long as possible between lifts. Thank goodness Andy managed to help us develop a taste for technique and an appreciation for the delicate balance of finesse and gusto weightlifting entails…and thus the tight-knit Sandbag Gang and my blossoming love of weightlifting was born!

RAW Barbell Club has held a special place in my heart for a while now, even before its was established the people who made it possible were those who had brought a special sort of spice to my social life. Once you end up seeing these people day in, day out and not getting tired of one-another’s antics you know it’s meant to be

Lifting weights and being in the presence of down to earth, like-minded people with ridiculously good banter liberated my mind of thoughts beyond the present moment. Upon reflection I noticed it had become my place of mindless mindfulness (how’s that for a paradox!). It was a place of personal expression where I got to grow personally and as a group with the foundation members every day.

At RAW Barbell Club I’m not only learning from my coaches but also from the other members in witnessing their naked weaknesses and pronounced strengths, individual responses to programs, weight fluctuations, competition preparation, the mental highs and lows that come with PRs and plateaus, and ultimately the enjoyment that comes with collectively working towards performance-oriented goals.

I want to share with you every few weeks a piece of my unique experiences as a weightlifter, and my exciting journey undertaking the transition into working with Andy and Kush on the RAW Barbell team!!! I can’t give you specifics about what I may write because I never know what pearls of introspect I’ll stumble across in my self-reflection…but I can promise you it will at the least include:

  • disagreeing with your coach for three months over being a vegan
  • transitioning from crossfit to weightlifting, and why I did it
  • how profoundly the social aspect of training shapes our experiences in the sport
  • what SEEMED to be justified fear of moving up a weight class
  • why I used to snatch with my heels together
  • my experiences of weightlifting culture
  • Mind games, pitfalls and gains
  • Wrapping my head around small business and integrating creativity
  • How to go about earning money doing jobs you love
  • (I’ll probably try and sneak something in about cats)

…and goodness knows what else. Stay tuned and please participate in the discussion and offer your two cents on my musings, your experiences are just as enlightening and unique to me as my own!

Until next time,

Rhe x

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