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RAW Barbell Club

RAW Barbell Club is a Strength & Conditioning facility in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney, NSW. Originally just a small Olympic Weightlifting Club, we have grown and created a community of people that have come together to get strong, move better and have fun doing it!

AKA ‘The Sandbag Gang’

Lifting weights is hard, but rewarding work and we love it. We love embracing the grind, but sometimes we also like to have a little rest.

(Even when coach says not too).

RAW Barbell Team

What Makes Us Different?

Part of being a RAW Barbell Club member means acknowledging that you’re not a full time athlete. If you want to be that’s cool, we can point you in the direction of clubs/gyms that will train you that way.

We all have real full time jobs, but we also love this awesome thing called LIFTING WEIGHTS. Now if you love lifting weights the next step is to enter some competitions, even as amateur lifters we can do great things, compete nationally and internationally in some cases.

Both ‘Powerlifting‘ and ‘Weightlifting‘ have some awesome ways to facilitate lifters of all ages, genders and body types. That means there is a COMPETITION for you, even if it is just a beginner one.


  1. We lift  all  of the weights
  2. We work hard, and  play  HARDER
  3. We do this because it is  FUN!




Olympic Weightlifting & Strongman Coach


Powerlifting Coach & Program Development


Dubbo Barbell Club – Head of Regional Performance & Excellence



Raw Barbell Club

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