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Olympic Weightlifting Coach & Owner

Andrew (Andy) Rajeevan is the founder and head coach of RAW Barbell Club. Starting out in Olympic Weightlifting and sick of training alone, Andy created RAW to fill a gap he saw in the Hawkesbury.

But what started out as a pet project to bring high level technical development, programming and coaching to his team has grown exponentially. Not only to an international reach, but also to new bounds in the types of athletes RAW Barbell Club Coaches. These include all the strength sports ie. Powerlfting, Strength & Conditioning, Strongman and even CrossFit.

Andy is a National level Olympic Weightlifter and is quickly becoming a one of the best under 80kg Strongmen in the country as well. He believes in the art of strength; executing beautiful technique and expressing raw power through flawless movement.

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