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Olympic Weightlifting

What is Olympic Weightlifting?

Olympic Weightlifting  is both a sport and as well as a great way to make you stronger, faster and overall more athletic. Named so because it is one of the oldest  Olympic Sports, weightlifting takes a large amount of strength, power, flexibility and coordination to perform.

The sport of Weightlifting is run and organised and run by the  International Weightlifting Federation.

The sport itself consists of two movements; the snatch and the clean & jerk.

The Snatch

The  snatch is the first event in Olympic weightlifting. It consists of taking the bar from the floor to overhead in one movement. Probably the hardest lift to master, most people spend their lifetime perfecting their technique. As such it’s also one of the more rewarding movements we practice. Nothing beats watching someone perform a beautiful snatch. It’s probably most athletic application of strength, power and technical prowess.

The Clean & Jerk

The second event in the sport of weight the  clean & jerk  is actually two movements. The lifter picks the bar from the floor onto his/her shoulders and then presses the bar overhead in a second movement. The clean & jerk is a more strength biased movement although highly technical as well. It has great application to most sports for the use in power and strength development.



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