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What we do

What We Do

We get people strong, period. Our sport is Olympic weightlifting but our gym coaches; CrossFitters, Powerlifters, Strongman, Rugby players, Cyclists, Pole dancers, Runners, and Gymnasts to name a few.

What ever your sport or hobby as long as you want to move better and get stronger we can help.

If you are in Sydney, RAW Barbell Club is the only gym you need, to get better at Olympic Weightlifting.

Our training caters to the individual and we will rebuild you from the ground up if need be.

Check out all of our sessions and programs below.

Olympic Weightlifting

What is Olympic Weightlifting?


Olympic Weightlifting is both a sport and as well as a great way to make you stronger, faster and overall more athletic…

Strength and Conditioning

Our Coaches have had a huge amount of experience getting people fit. We’ve worked in CrossFit and the greater strength and conditioning community for many years…


Want to be STRONG?


Squat, bench and dead lift with the best of us during team training. You will get better guaranteed, but you have to be willing to work…



Though we’ve always added elements of Strongman into our training. We’re now finding it hugely important as an accessory to fix up muscle imbalances and keep fit for our Olympic Weightlifting…



Raw Barbell Club

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