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Though a niche sport the application of Powerlifting in most training regimes is high. At some point in your gym life, you have been exposed to the Squat, bench, or deadlift. The difference between what we do with the lifts is that our goal is to make it so you can lift the most weight possible. We want you to be strong and powerful! (and of course have fun doing it)

missing lifts aka skwaats
The Squat


A solid squat with good technique is the foundation of any strength program. A full body movement, the squat starts with the bar resting on the upper shoulders/traps. The lifter then proceeds to basically sit down before standing back up again.

The Bench press

A great way to test upper body strength the bench press is another staple in the strength & conditioning community. Taken from the racks the bar is lowered to the chest. Once the bar has come to rest, it is then pressed back up.

The Deadlift


A true testament to absolute strength the deadlift, is easy in theory, but difficult in application. The bar starts at the floor and is picked up from a ‘dead’ stop. Once the hips and knees are fully extended, the bar can be replaced to the ground.



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