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Active Back in the Bench

In today’s episode of RAW Quick Tips, Rhe show us how to have an ‘active back in the bench’.

How much ya’ bench? Have you ever been asked that? As weightlifters benching is often not at the top of our to-do list in our workout regime. in fact some coaches refuse to program the bench pres for fear that it could drastically affect a lifters already limited flexibility overhead. There is a great amount of credibility to this thought, and there are definitely some lifters who probably bench press way too often. In our case though I find the bench press, especially if included in a balanced program, and excellent way to add pushing strength for our athletes. The trick is, to do it right. The right weights, the right volume, right frequency, and off course the right way..

Would you be excited with a tip that could add a few kilo’s to your pressing strength? In this video Rhe gives us a little cue that may help you bench a bit more weight, safely.

Have a go and let us know if it helps!

Active Back in the Bench

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