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RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 14

The Art & Science of Programming, Bridging the Gap between Physiotherapy & Coaching

I think we’re pretty lucky that Kush and I both love movement and the sport of weightlifting. And luckier still that we bring vastly different backgrounds and interests to RAW Barbell Club. Kush is a physiotherapist who has a deep understanding of biomechanics, and physiology. On the other hand my interests in movement have always been very hands, on trial and error, experimentation on myself and our athletes. As RAW Barbell has matured so to as my outlook on programming and my willingness to study and learn all I can. The more that I learn the more I realise that I’m so far away from being the coach I want to be. That’s cool I’m in it for the long haul. I’m young and I’ve got all the time in the world.

Kush is someone who has so much to share with the strength world. she’s helped me understand my own body better, and she helps me everyday to become a better coach.

We’re at a stage now that we can learn and talk shop, and this is one of those cases. In todays episode we talk about programming. the difference and similarities between what she does as a physiotherapist, and what I do as a Weightlifting coach. programming is as much art as it is science, and today we talk about the disconnect between health professionals and sports coaches and the fitness industry.

it’s another long one, and i’m sure there are a lot of topics that we don’t fully go into, so if you have any questions please just ask. we’re happy to cover those in another podcast!.