Podcast Episode 16 | Work, Life & Competition - Becoming a Parent with Yannick Mifsud | RAW Barbell Club

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RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 16

Work, Life & Competition

Becoming a Parent with Yannick Mifsud


Need a dose of banter? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to podcast episode 16! I decided to connect with my close friend, athlete, fellow barbell club and gym owner/head coach Yannick Mifsud from Shred Fitness. After being my first guest ever we decided to honour tradition and initiate Season Two in the best way we know how: repartee riddled discussion about sport in relation to our lives, experiences, thoughts and upcoming activities in weightlifting.

podcast episode 16

Olympic weightlifting is a serious sport. But does this mean everyone has to take it seriously or aim to qualify when they compete as a registered athlete?

This episode features a diverse range of topics and interesting tangents from the Odd Socks Halterophilie Bundesliga and RAW Barbell Open competitions, with specifics about Yannick and his athletes’ performances.. through to fatherhood and parenting. We also lace in some discussion about the vision of both Shred Barbell Club and RAW Barbell Club when it comes to developing athletes and the prospects of higher level performance.

podcast episode 16

Next week we chat to Parisa Haeri: Gym owner and Oceania medalist about her unusual weightlifting journey.

Special thanks to Yannick for joining me this week. If you want to find out more about Yannick and his gym check out his Facebook & Instagram

Thanks for Listening!

xx Andy

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