Podcast Episode 20 | Weightlifting At The Grass Skirt Level - Empowerment Through Sport, with Tahina Booth | RAW Barbell Club

In RAW Barbell Club Ep. 20 I sit down to talk with Tahina Booth is the founder of a Non for Profit Organisation that empowers men and women in PNG, by combatting gender based violence through sporting initiatives, including education and equipment drives.

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   RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 20

Weightlifting at the Grass Skirt Level

Empowerment through Sport

With Tahina Booth

Tahina Booth is a Olympic Weightlifter with a captivating presence. With a history of tackling challenges overcoming great obstacles and thriving in the uncomfortable, She is a force to be reckoned with! In Podcast Episode 20 I sit down to chat with Tahina about her story, and her greatest project yet.

We talk about experiencing racism, abuse, unfairness in and out of sport, and then being able to create opportunity through the sports she loves in the Grass Skirts Project.

Tahina’s story is one of unique experiences and gaining perspective which ultimately lead her to develop ways to not only better herself as an athlete, but reach out to communities in PNG in a bid to reduce gender-based inequality and improve public health.

On the competition platform we are all equal, it’s the one place Tahina feels she can truly embody herself where nothing but the love of the sport and commitment to performance matters. This episode is likely to challenge how you approach things we may take for granted such as our physical and social training environments, how we feel about competitive performance and expectations, and encourage you to reflect on your own passions/goals.

RAW Barbell Club is proud to be a supporter of the Grass Skirts Project! So If you would like to make a donation or get involved with The Grass Skirt Project you can get in contact with Tahina and her team here: http://www.grassskirtproject.org/

Special thanks to the Tahina Booth for joining me this week on the podcast. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook, and follow the Grass Skirts Project as well!

Thanks for Listening!

xx Andy

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