Phillip Liao: Post Commonwealth Games Catch-Up | RAW Barbell Club

In Ep 48 of the RAW Barbell Club Podcast I catch up with Phillip Liao, our under 56kg Representative for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. A lot has changed since our last podcast so I thought it would be cool to see where he is now!

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What to Do Next?

Post Commonwealth Games Catch Up

with Phillip Liao

RAW Barbell Club Podcast

Episode 48

Right before the 2018 Commonwealth Games, I sat down with our Australian under 56kg representative Phillip Liao to talk about his journey to the games. We discussed his decision to try to qualify, his major weight cut leading up to the games and even some of his thoughts, and philosophies on lifting and life. I was blown away by my conversation with Phil, so much so that after we ended the podcast we talked for another 2 hours. I’ve found that my favourite podcasts really don’t end after we stop recording. They keep going and I always regret turning the computer off.

I thought it would be really cool to catch up with Phil post games to see whats new in his life. Whether his priorities have shifted what he’s been up to and to talk more about thoughts on life and the world.

Check Out Phils Original Podcast Below:

Episode 24 – Cutting a Million Kilo’s

Episode 24 Raw Barbell club Podcast with phillip liao


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I really enjoyed recording this episode, and I absolutely love talking to Phil. I hope you enjoy it as well 🙂

Have a listen and tell me what you think!

A big thank you to Phil for joining me this week.

You can follow Phil on Instagram @Phillip.m3 (he recently changed it from @Phillippt_)

RAW Barbell Club Podcast – Episode 48

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