Podcast Episode 5 | Overtraining, Tendinitis, Rehab with Kush | RAW Barbell Club

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RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 5

Overtraining, Chasing Dreams and Smart Rehab with Kush

When training goes well, it generally goes very well! Weights are going up, you feel strong, and life is good. It’s easy to keep pushing, to add in more and more, the gainz will keep coming won’t they? Unfortunately there is a cap. Slowly you see the warning signs, a little loss of power here, a little ache that just doesn’t seem to go away… what happens next? Injury that’s what.

What you do when you from here is what predict how soon you’ll be back to full training. I’ll let Kush tell you how she has come back from her tendinopathy.

This episode was recorded in the lead up to the Australian Weightlifting Nationals, this may be a little out of the chronology but there are some real nuggets and pearls in this one.

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