Owning CrossFit 2147 with Mat & Lady Seeto | RAW Barbell Club Podcast

In this episode of the RAW Barbell Club Podcast I sit down with My friends Mat & Lady Seeto, the owners of CrossFit 2147. Mat & Lady are some of the best people I know, and both Kush and I have learnt so much about running successful gym from them. I hope you like them too 🙂

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Owning a Gym

The CrossFit 2147 Story

with Mat & Lady Seeto

RAW Barbell Club Podcast

Episode 62

Thanks Mat & Lady for joining me this week!

You can follow Mat on Instagram – @mat.seeto

You cannot find Lady on Instagram because she’s smart enough to ditch social media!

You can follow CrossFit 2147 on Instagram – @crossfit_2147

Check out CrossFit 2147 on their WEBSITE

RAW Barbell Club Podcast – Episode 62

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