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RAW Barbell Club Podcast Episode 7

A Family History of Strength with Expert Physique Photographer, Carl Hensel

In Podcast Episode 7, I interview Carl Hensel. If you are into the bodybuilding or physique world you will definitely know Carl. He is an amazing physique photographer who has also worked really closely with bodybuilders like Lee Priest

Carls father Joe Hensel is an Australian Weightlifting Federation (AWF) hall of fame inductee. He was what I consider a pioneer in the sport in the Newcastle region. Given that we were in Newcastle region for one of the first weightlifting comps back in the area. It seemed perfect to interview Carl and talk to him right before the RAW Barbell Club team started lifting at the Hunter Barbell Club competition.

Joe Hensel Podcast Episode 7

Joe Hensel, Carl’s Father

We didn’t have much time so sometimes we were a bit rushed, but we did get a chance to talk about Carls family history from his grandfather also named carl to his father.

Carl has an interesting family history, in that strength and physical culture has been passed down through the generations. Carl’s grandfather was a strongman, who actually helped bring training to Australia. Carls own father fell in love with strength at an early age, and was encouraged to be athletic and train to be better.

We talk about how Joe (Carl’s dad) started in the sport of weightlifting, how his training and training philosophies evolved, some of his biggest influences (like George Hackenshmidt) and his fathers commitment to the sport of weightlifting.

Joe’s Gym

I learn about how Joe Hensel structured his gym and training environment. And how much he actually prioritized acrobatics, calisthenics, and fun. With social gatherings and team cohesiveness being the most important factors in getting stronger.

We talked about George Hackenshmidt. Renowned Strongman (inventor of the hack squat) wrote letters to Carls dad, giving guidance to them. So much so that His father named the weightlifting club Hackenshmidt weightlifting club.

We talk about how much Joe did for the sport, trying to grow it from an early age. From demonstrations in shopping centres, to MCing at competitions to starting the ‘Australian Weightlifter’. A magazine that reached all over the world.

Lastly we talk about Carl’s own photography. The beauty of the trained human body, and what drew him to what he loves doing.

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After we recorded this we actually got a chance to visit Carl’s studio & gym. So we will have some cool footage from that shortly as well.

I want to thank Steve Tikkanen who mentioned Joe Hensel in one of our conversations which first sparked my curiosity, and also Troy Smith for introducing me to Carl.

I really implore you all to find Carl on Facebook, follow him on Instagram and Check out his Website! In particular you need to check out this PAGE that has some really cool photos of Carl’s dads gym and Joe Hensel himself. Thank you so much Carl!!

Thanks for listening if you have any questions please feel free to ask them and please share this podcast with your friends. It’s the only way that we can keep making them.