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Don’t Rock Onto Your Heels

We see a lot of you lifters with a CrossFit background rock onto your heels as you pass the knees in your pull. Moving your body mass anywhere but upwards in the Olympic lifts can lead to a loss of power.

Olympic Weightlifting is about Balance.

A good cue to have is to portion your weight over your foot so it is portioned over the entirety of the sole. about 60% towards the front and 40% from the ankle back..

If the cue doesn’t seem to help what might is elevating your feet of the ground with some plates or a board. have the heels off the ground and this will force you to load up the quads and feet. in an exaggerated fashion.

Practice some pulls and work your way up to some power snatches/cleans. Go from there and let me know what happens!

Stay safe.

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Don’t Rock Onto Your Heels

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