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Weightlifting is a wonderful sport. You get to build strength, flexibility and overall athleticism. Part of the sport though, even the beginning stages is how progress is made and measured.

Progress is measured on the platform, how much you snatch and how much you clean & jerk. It’s made through hard training, a steady hand, and dedicating years to the effort.

Want to know exactly what you need to do?

The Secret to weightlifting success

So what is the secret to weightlifting success? well there’s no real easy way of saying this, so I’ll get straight to the point. The Secret to Weightlifting Success is Sticking to it!

It’s Sticking to your training, Sticking to the process, Sticking to the program, Sticking to your coach and finally Sticking to the sport.

“The Secret to Weightlifting Success is Sticking to it!”

If you’re worried about your progress, Have a chat with your coach, often they are the one with a peripheral view of what is going on with your training. Most actually have a plan to get you from point A to Point B. believe it or not it’s their job. They want you to succeed, but for you to do that you need to stick with it. Not for a month, not for 12 weeks, not for 6 months. If you want to be successful in any strength sport you need to dedicate years. So literally all you need to do is come in and train… leave the rest to your coach.

Still not convinced?

I’m going to give you a little look into our own planning.

Our Plan

Thought it would be nice to give you guys a glimpse of how much planning, timing and effort goes on before our athletes actually receive that little bit of paper you call your program.

the secret to weightlifting successThe programs are designed specifically for our athletes, they are designed so that if you were on our team, we would get the absolute best performance out of you at the right time, at the right comp.

If you look closely you can see how we set out set out our programs. Where in the program you will be strong in raw strength and where in the program our focus shifts to the actual technical lifts.

So where does that leave you, the athlete? What should you focus your time and energy on?

the secret to weightlifting success 2

So What Should I Do?

If you really want to get better at weightlifting think about how you view training, how you view your coach and how you view the sport itself. If there is something you don’t understand, ask. If you are having trouble performing something, tell your coach, but for the most part all you need to do is outlined below.

Step-by-Step Guide

to Weightlifting Success

[1] Follow your Program

It may seem hard, and times it may seem impossible, but just do whats written down on your program. there is a rhyme and reason to what is written there. You don’t have to do the banded hang snatch speed jumps or the tall clean backflips you saw on instagram. Just stick to what your coach tells you.

[2] Eat Well

Being a weightlifter takes a huge toll on the body. You really need to eat well. Eat your veggies, have some carbs and eat some meat. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest new craze, just stay away from processed crap.

[3] Sleep Lots

I know this one is hard for some of you, but sleep is actually where the gainz happen. You want a good 6-8 hours at least. Stop screwing around. If you can’t make the time to sleep you have no business trying ice-baths, E-Stim or Crepe paper. Wake up, eat your food, go to work, come to training, come home, eat and go to bed.

[4] Trust your Coach

This one seems obvious but it’s really important. Trust that he or she knows what they are doing, stay attentive, listen to their direction, be receptive to coaching cues and you will reap the rewards. Your coach will put their body, mind and soul on the line for you so don’t dick around.

[5] Stay Positive

Weightlifting sucks. It gets hard. At some points you may not progress for months. All you need to do is keep showing up to training. show up, have fun and lift. Eventually though you and your coach will get you out of your plateaus. Just stick with it. It’s all part of the process.

So in lets run through it one more time. Stick to it, follow your program, eat well, sleep lots, stay positive & receptive to coaching cues and finally trust your coach. You will have no choice but to get better.

If you program jump, flip-flop, or don’t show up, You won’t..

It’s that simple 🙂

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