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Team Bundesliga Weightlifting Competition

This week we made our way to the Odd Socks Halterophilie for their first team Bundesliga Weightlifting Competition.

The competition was really well run, a bit hard to understand at first, due to the format and rules, but once I got it it was really easier to get the gist.

The Big Differences

  • The comp was set up in rounds for attempts rather than the rising bar that we are accustomed to in weightlifting. This means that everyone would finish their first snatch before their second, and then third. (similar to Powerlifting)
  • There were limited change attempts so it was more enticing for the lifters to take bigger jumps to win the comp. This not only made the comp interesting but it streamlined the comp so it ran so much faster.
  • Rather than using the Sinclair formula the competition’s formula is based on a penalty system which was able to compare men and women together in the same comp. Though it is far from perfect the ability to compare genders makes it so men and women can compete together.

I had a lot of fun and think the team did too. Shout out to all the lifters that competed, you guys did great!

Here’s some commentary on how the RAW Barbell team went.

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