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C2 Rowing Erg Tips

With Coach Kurt Rich

In this series of videos Coach Kurt Rich, from Sydney Boys High School takes us through some Erg Rowing tips. We go through the anatomy of the rower, Rowing Technique, Lower Back Safety and how to get the most out of your competitive start. Kurt is the head strength and conditioning coach at Sydney Boys High School and has extensive experience in surf boat rowing and coaching still water rowers.

Episode 1Anatomy of The c2 Rowing Erg

In this video coach Kurt Rich Takes us through the anatomy of the c2 Rowing Erg. The bits most important for use!

Episode 2Warming Up on the c2 Rower with Technique Work

In this video Coach Kurt Rich Shows us some technique work you can use to easily and effectively warm up on a c2 rowing erg.

Episode 3Injury Prevention on a c2 Rowing Erg (Rower)

In this video coach Kurt Rich helps mitigate a common rowing injury with better technique.

Episode 4Effective Competitive Start on a c2 Rower

In this video Coach Kurt Rich shows us how to make the most of our first 11 strokes on the c2 rowing erg. This is particularly useful for competitions where you might only have a certain amount of strokes or time limits.

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