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Your First Olympic Weightlifting Competition

A few weeks ago we had a chance to chat with some of the top NSW Olympic Weightlifters and coaches to ask them what there advice would be for the the weightlifter entering their FIRST Olympic Weightlifting Competition.

The advice we received was really great so a big thank to all the coaches and lifters that participated!

Advice For Your First Olympic Weightlifting Competition

What Do You Need To Do For Your First Olympic Weightlifting Competition?


Preparation is key and that means practice. For your first comp, we don’t want you going for new personal records or attempting things out of the ordinary. Warm-up in training the same way you would in the gym. Practice focusing on the lift at hand, not your next or last set.

Record your warm-up’s and regular top lifts, we want you opening on a weight you can easily without a doubt hit for 3 reps in succession. Your second attempt should be something a little heavier that you can hit for 2 reps, and your last only 2-4kgs above that. Our aim is to go 6-for-6.

We want you to weigh in comfortably, so don’t bother cutting to try make weight, just compete as you are. Have a meal after you weigh-in and make sure to stay hydrated.


When it comes time to start, just trust your coach, listen to his/her cues and advice. Your are in capable hands. Again, focus on the lift at hand, whether it be a warm-up or first attempt. Just stay calm, all you have to do is lift the weight. When we get to the competition platform have your mind in the present not on your second or third attempt. Make sure to have fun!


This is one that a lot of people overlook. Finally once you’ve finished take a look back at the journey that led you here. reassess your goals and have a chat with your coach. Have a think on what you did well and what you could have done better. Congratulate yourself on taking such a big step. the competition platform can be a scary place and you’ve just braved it!

Thanks to all the lifters/coaches that participated in our little video.

If you are in the Sutherland Shire be sure to look up Peter Upham and check out Shire Speed and Strength

Thank you to all the lifters and coaches from Burwood High Performance Weightlifting Club. That includes Josh Wu, Phillip Liao, Maddi Wu and Jon Valentine.

If you are in Blacktown come out and train with our good friend  Yannick at Shred Barbell Club

Thank you Kurt Rich and Rick Saha from Sydney Boys Weightlifting. You guys are doing really cool stuff with some talented young folk!

Lastly thanks to Luke Borrigine from the NSW Weightlifting Association itself for chatting with us!

If you liked this please tell us, we’ll make even more of them..

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