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SandBag TV Outtake

Story Time

with Carl Hensel (The Master Of Muscle)

 The new year brings up reflection of not only the year that has just gone but also the many years we’ve had leading up to this point. Every lesson both us and our fore bearers have learned along the way. Here is a video I filmed earlier this year in all of it’s unedited glory. It details a visit we took up to my friend Carl’s house and the conversations we had with him whilst we went through some of his old photos. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. This post could not have been possible without the Carl Hensel, If you are a personal trainer, physique competitor or even in the bodybuilding scene you need to check out the photographs that he comes up with. I really implore you all to find Carl on Facebook, follow him on Instagram and Check out his Website! In particular you need to check out this PAGE that has some really cool photos of Carl’s dads gym and Joe Hensel himself. Thank you so much Carl!!

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